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Auto-locates & notifications

When you open Sprint Family Locator, you’ll need to select the person you’d like to find to get the finder going. However, if it’s been less than 4 hours since you located anyone, the current location of the last person you found will automatically be available. If it’s been more than 4 hours, the last location of the last person you found will be available, and you can see where they currently are by quickly refreshing the service from the browser or app.

To save you time, **Sprint Family Locator **can automatically tell you where everyone on your account is, every time you sign in. Just go to My Settings _and select _Auto-locate everyone.

By default, Sprint Family Locator **will **not notify you when you’ve located someone manually, as opposed to when the app performs an automatic Safety Check. You can change this by signing in from a browser, selecting Manage account at top right, then Account preferences, then Notification preferences.    

You can also decide whether or not to notify the person you’ve located every time you locate them, by choosing Child notifications and selecting either Every locate _or _Occasional reminders. If you’d like to know why there is no option to never notify a child or other family member you’re locating that someone can locate their phone, please read more here.

When you adjust this setting, it does **not **affect your _Safety Check _settings. By default, the only person notified of a _Safety Check _is you, unless you choose to send an additional email to someone else.

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