"Setup incomplete."

If you’ve signed up for Sprint Family Locator and are in the middle of setting up the service (for instance, choosing which phones you’d like to locate), you may encounter this message. If so, one or more of these things may be going on:

  1. You’re trying to find an older phone, one manufactured prior to 2006, which is likely to have poor signal quality.
  2. You’re trying to find a Nextel push-to-talk phone, which does not support the service.
  3. Your phone number is already registered as “Parent Telephone Number” (PTN) on another My Sprint account. Your number can only be listed as the PTN on one account. If someone on another account wants to list your phone as one they’d like to be able to locate, they can, with you permission, do that. But they’d have to indicate that yours is a “Child Telephone Number.”
  4. You’ve reached the point in the registration process where you’ve been texted a temporary verification code, but you haven’t yet gone back into the process to enter that code and continue.
  5. You're not the account holder for the phone you want to locate, and you’ve not yet gotten permission from the account holder to locate it. You can add a number from someone else’s My Sprint account to your Sprint Family Locator account, but you won’t be able to complete the process for this phone until the account holder (that is, the person who pays the bill for that phone) has accepted your request. 

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