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Can’t access email

If you've forgotten your password and can't access your Sprint Family Locator account, get help here first. Then come back for email help!

If you know your password and for some reason you’ve lost access to the email account you used to sign up for Sprint Family Locator (meaning you're not receiving account and location notifications, since you can't sign in to your inbox):

  1. Sign in to your account on a PC.
  2. Choose Manage account at the top right.
  3. Under My account, choose Change to the right of your email address, enter the new address, then hit Save.

If you already have a second email address using a different provider (for instance, your first email address was, but your second is, then use that second address.

If you don’t already have a second email address, then create one now, being sure to use a different provider than for your first. Do avoid Yahoo! and Earthlink accounts, as our notification emails often don’t get through to the inboxes of subscribers who use these providers.

If you still need a hand, drop us a line. We’ll be in touch in no time at all!

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