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See locations at pre-set times

Sure, Sprint Family Locator lets you sign in and see where people are, any time. But what if you always forget to take a look when it matters? You’re busy! What you really need are pre-set reminders, so that, say, every day at 4 PM, when you’re in a meeting or at the supermarket, you’ll know your child is home from school, without having to do a thing.

We call these Safety Checks, and once you set them, the app keeps track of everyone for you:

  1. Sign in to your Sprint Family Locator account from your PC or mobile browser, or open the Android App.
  2. Select Safety Checks. In the Android app, hit the settings button at top left to see this option.
  3. Select Add to Safety Checks for the family member.
  4. Choose the Place you expect the person to be. If you haven’t created places, select New Place.
  5. Choose the time of day and day(s) of week you want to receive an automatic notification, then click Continue.
  6. Decide if you want to receive Safety Checks via text, email or both. You may also have Safety Checks sent to an additional email address, for instance your work address or that of another family member.

NOTE: Safety Checks by default notify you only when your family members are not where they should be. To be notified when your family members are where they should be, check the box with this message: Also send messages when [family member] is near [place]. From the mobile app, choose Notification settings to see this option.

Other concerns? Please send us a message, and a Safely rep will be in touch.

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