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Find phones on other accounts

Sprint Family Locator also allows you to locate a phone on another person’s My Sprint account, with their permission. It’s simple:

  1. Sign in to Sprint Family Locator from a PC.
  2. Select the My Family tab, then click Add a Phone from Another Sprint Account button.
  3. Enter the phone number, name, and the email of the person you want to invite, then click Done.
  4. The person who owns the account for the phone you’d like to locate will receive an email asking them to approve your request. Once they do, they'll need to sign into their My Sprint account to approve. After they approve, you'll receive an email letting you know you can now locate this phone on your Sprint Family Locator account.

Please note: As an added security measure, any phones you can locate that are not on your account will receive a notification every time you locate them, and this setting is not adjustable.

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