Being present

Let's face it: once you invite phones into the family, things change. Lots of stuff gets easier, like letting someone know you're running late or making last-minute plans. But other things get harder. Like enjoying the dinner hour with your loved ones free of buzzing, ringing or under-the-table texting. And from talking to lots of families, we've learned something surprising: it's not just kids who are a bit obsessed with their phones. Grown-ups often have an even harder time tearing themselves away from their little glowing rectangles.

Of course, the most dangerous time to be distracted is when you're driving, and so we've got a free Android app for that: Safely Go. One tap is all it takes to engage "drive mode," and Safely Go becomes your own personal assistant, auto-replying to texts, screening your calls (VIP Contacts only, please) and keeping all those apps and push notifications at bay until you're in park.

And guess what? Plenty of folks have told us that even once they've gotten where they're going, Safely Go helps them focus on meetings, homework and, most important, the people in their lives. Because what better present can you give someone you love than your ... presence?

Try the free Safely Go app. Work for you? Not so much? Let us know!

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