Kids' first phones

First phones have become one of today’s kids' top rites of passage, and so lots of parents find themselves bracing for “the talk.” That’s right—bringing up all the issues that go along with phone ownership can feel a lot like tackling “the birds and the bees.”

The good news is that lots of other parents have been there, are also worried about saying too little or too much and are more than willing to help. Check out our monthly newsletter, "Safely Times," a great place to hear from regular parents and experts, alike, about how they handle issues—or just find reassurance that you’re not alone.

In fact, the Safely team has also put together a Family Phone Agreement to help you start “the phone talk” off on a positive note. If it works for you (or doesn’t!) we’d love to know.

And of course we don’t have all the answers. A few of our favorite resources for information and guidelines about everything having to do with digital wellness, from phones to PCs to tablets to video games to movies to The Big Crazy Internet, we consult:

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