How It Works

Sprint Family Locator uses GPS and cell tower data to figure out where a phone is located. Based on what information these sources have, the app returns the most precise possible location. This will usually be somewhere between a few yards and a few hundred yards (the equivalent of a few city blocks) from the phone’s precise location.

Just like reception for your phone varies, the strength and accuracy of all the signals used to find locations can be affected if your phone or the phone whose location you want to see is

  • - Inside a building or vehicle
  • - Surrounded by hills or tall buildings
  • - Near a large body of water

Remember, as well, that Sprint Family Locator cannot locate a phone if:

  • - The phone is turned off
  • - The phone’s battery has run out
  • - The phone is outside Sprint’s network or in a rural area where coverage is sparse

Signal quality, which affects location, also varies from phone to phone. For instance, a phone that was manufactured before 2006 most likely will not be able to be located.

Read more about getting the best location information possible, and if you’re still having problems, please get in touch with us, so a Safely rep can help you directly.